UK Catalysis Hub


Management Structure

The management structure of the Hub will provide the necessary flexibility whilst ensuring good governance. An independent Oversight Board has beenbe appointed consisting of senior academic from each Partner Institution which will regularly review progress and ensure compliance with the terms of the award letter. The Centre Director will have responsibility for delivering the Project and be accountable to the Oversight Board. The Centre Director will provide a report to the Oversight Board every 6 months detailing the technical, financial and operational progress of the Hub.

Overall operational matters will be dealt with by the Management Group (MG) which will be advised by three advisory groups, namely the Steering Group (SG) the External Advisory Board (EAB) and the Industrial Advisory Board. (IAP)


The management of the UK Catalysis /hub consists of a series of boards and advisory panels as shown above.

Oversight Board

Management Group

Steering Group

External Advisory Board

Industrial Advisory Panel