UK Catalysis Hub


External Advisory board

 The International External Advisory Board will meet formally on an annual basis and review the technical progress of the hub as well as suggesting new avenues of research. The Board will act in an advisory capacity and provide advice to the Management Group. This will be achieved through electronic meetings plus an annual meeting of the EAB

Key Roles:

  • To assist in the evaluation of the projects undertaken within the Hub
  • To comment on the quality of the work undertaken in the Hub in an international context
  • To review and comment on the annual report produced by the hub
  • To advise the MG on relevant developments internationally in catalytic science
  • To comment and advise where appropriate on aspects related to Hub management
  • To advise on sustainability and future development of the Hub

Current Membership

Prof Rugter van Santen (Chair, Eindhoven)

Bob Davies (University of Virginia)

Wataru Ueda (Hokudai University)

Joachim Sauer (Humboldt University of Berlin)

John Armor (GlobalCatalysis.com L.L.C.)

Avelino Corma (ITQ, Valencia)

Walter Leitner (RWTH Aachen University)

Gerad van Koten (Utrecht University)

Bryan Jones (University of Toronto)

Roger Sheldon (CLEA Technologies/TUE Delft)