UK Catalysis Hub


Industrial Advisory Panel

Industrial Advisory Board will meet annually to advise the Management Group on the commercialisation of any IP resulting from the Hub. The Industrial Advisory Board will also suggest technical areas for research and ensure that the activities of the Hub are aligned to the requirements of industry.

Key Roles

  • Providing input on the needs of industry
  • Provide advice in identifying and commercialising IP resulting from the Hub.

Current Membership

 Bob Tooze (Chair, Sasol)

A Chojecki (dow)

C Brennan (Syngenta

S Fletcher (CIKTN)

D Johnson (Lucite)

Glen Sunnley(BP)

C Cobley (Dr Reddys)

S Carrettin (Exxon Mobil)

P Hawker

A York (Johnson Matthey)

K Whiston (Invista)

S Hermitage (GSK)

Robert Crook (Pfizer)

C Newman (Givaudan)

David Prest (Matthey)

Chris Mitchel (Sabic)

Dave Laffan (AZ)