UK Catalysis Hub


Steering group

 The steering group will comprise senior academics active in the Hub together with the Chairs of the EAB and IAP. Membership will rotate on a three yearly basis (initially some members will serve 2, 3 or 4 years to ensure only one third of members are rotated)

Key Roles

  • To prioritise and, therefore, advise the MG on the allocation of projects
  • To assist in reviewing and steering the projects undertaken within the Hub
  • To advise the MG on projects which could be enhanced or curtailed

Current Membership 

Richard Catlow (Chair, UCL)

Graham Hutchings (Cardiff)

Christopher Hardacre (QUB)

Matthew Davidson (Bath)

Nick Turner (Manchester)

John Blacker (Leeds)

Asterios Gavriilidis (UCL)

David Lennon (Glasgow)

Ian Metcalfe (Newcastle)

Charlotte Williams (Imperial College London)

Andrea Russell (Southampton)

Bob Tooze (Sassol), Chair IAP 

Duncan Wass (Bristol)

Andy Weller (Oxford)

Ben Davis (Oxford)

Alexandra Berry (EPSRC)

Rutger van Santen (TU Delft), Chair EAB 

Steven Fletcher or Simon Rushworth(KTN)

Joe Wood (Birmingham

Phil Dyer (Durham)

David Cole Hamilton St Andrews

Adrian Mulholland (Bristol)

Josie Goodall (Catalysis Hub)