UK Catalysis Hub



  • To establish a world-leading, comprehensive and coordinated programme of catalytic science in the UK.
  • To develop new knowledge and promote innovation in and translation of catalytic science and technology.
  • Enabling the UK to regain and retain its world leading position in catalysis.

To facilitate this the UK catalysis Hub will interact, network and build the UK catalysis and wider international catalysis community through collaborative projects, meetings, conferences and research outputs including publications. The Hub also aims to build Catalysis Facilities at the research complex at Harwell, as a facility for Catalysis Research across the Hub.  The hub aims to develop a broad scientific program from fundamentals for applications tackling the big challenges and opportunities in catalysis and to allow extensive collaboration develop new catalysts, reactions and process as well as developing fundamental understanding to provide significant benefits to industry, economy and scientific understanding. The UK catalysis Hub also aims develop the next generation of students, through courses, conferences, PHD programs summer schools and outreach activities.