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Dr Arthur Garforth

Dr Garforth obtained his PhD at Manchester on the artificial maturation of kerogen and first worked on heterogeneous catalysis on a BP extramural research award. Arthur joined Manchester, after working in petrochemical and chemical industry sector in 1998. Whilst at Manchester, he has been the recipient of a Royal Society Brian Mercer Innovation award and a Royal Academy of Engineering Exxon Mobil Excellence in Teaching award. The Brian Mercer award resulted in patents based on the hydrocracking of mixed plastic waste streams over zeolite catalysts to naphtha and diesel. He has collaborative research with academics in Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the USA and with industrialists in Argent, BASF, Engelhard, JM, Nirex and Saudi Aramco. He has a number of refinery-relevant projects including improved light olefin selectivity and increased xylene production in transalkylation as well as developing structured dehydrogenation catalysts using plasma electrolytic oxidation and zeolite fibres for membranes. Currently he is a Reader in Chemical Engineering and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.