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Dr Jeremy J Titman

Jeremy J Titman photo

Jeremy Titman is currently Associate Professor and Reader in Magnetic Resonance in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. During over 25 years of research activity, he has developed a large number of new methods in solid-state NMR and applied the technique to a broad range of problems in chemistry and materials science. In 2014 he was jointly awarded £2.4M from the EPSRC Strategic Equipment Panel to purchase the first commercial DNP-enhanced solid state NMR instrument in the UK. Recent research in DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR includes studies of catalytic activity in alumina catalyst supports by rare earth oxides, of glass-forming solutions of inorganic electrolytes as improved DNP matrices, and of selenium remediation materials, based on polypropylene. He plays a central role in directing the UK’s solid-state NMR Facilities and has an extensive network of contacts and collaborators within UK solid-state NMR and materials science in industry and academia. He is Deputy Director of the UK High-Field Solid-state NMR Facility originally funded by a £4.0M award from EPSRC and recently extended under a new £2.7M contract.