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Dr Natalie Fey

Natalie Fey photo

Natalie Fey is a Lecturer at the University of Bristol, based in the Centre for Computational Chemistry. Her research aims to realise the full potential of computational chemistry by putting prediction before experiment and thus enabling both rational, in silico design of catalysts, and integrating mechanistic study fully into reaction optimisation. While her main focus is on homogeneous organometallic catalysts, she also investigates the relationships between structures, properties and mechanism in functional nanomaterials and biocatalysis with computational approaches.

After obtaining her PhD from Keele University and postdoctoral projects at the Universities of Warwick (with Rob Deeth) and Bristol (with Guy Orpen, Jeremy Harvey and Guy Lloyd-Jones), Natalie was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship in 2007, which she held in Bristol until 2012. This was followed by an industrial research project with CatScI Ltd., funded by the Welsh Government. Natalie was appointed to a temporary lectureship in 2015 and this appointment became permanent in 2017.