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New Nano-Structured Complex Metal Oxides of Group V and VI Elements as Solid-State Catalysts

Prof. Wataru Ueda

Complex metal oxides with multi-elemental constituents are one of the key solid catalytic material states and in fact have formed various active catalysts for many reactions thanks to the catalytic functional collaboration among the constituents. We will expect more revolutional catalytic functions based on the collaboration if the mutual position of each element is finely tuned in crystal structure of complex metal oxides.  We can expect that more if complex metal oxides in crystal forms have crystal structure-based porous property because most of constituent elements can have a possibility for involving in catalytic reaction and also because mutual elemental position is uniform in the whole crystalline material.  This crystal state in the complex metal oxides must be one of the ideal situations in catalytic materials.  However difficulty is how to synthesize these materials.  The catalysis researchers should not distract their attention from this difficulty and even work challengingly on developing new synthetic methodology for new crystalline complex metal oxides.  The presenter has long studied on this issue and fortunately has been able to create new materials[1-5] that can satisfy the above-mentioned demands.  These are new porous crystalline complex metal oxides based on group V and VI elements as shown in Figure 1. The underline concept in the synthesis of these materials is the construction of three-dimensional structures with structural units, so-called unit synthesis. This synthetic protocol is still not in the level of structure designing at present but will be progressed.

Figure 1 New porous crystalline complex oxides synthesized by unit synthesis


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