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Oundle School Sidney House group photograph in 1908. Eric Rideal left Oundle School in June of that year and matriculated at Cambridge University (Trinity Hall) in the October. (Courtesy of Oundle School)


This meeting carries the name of Sir Eric Keightley Rideal, a British physical chemist who made lasting and ground breaking contributions to the physical chemistry of surfaces. His best known contribution has been documented in the Eley-Rideal Mechanism for surface reactions. His name is also remembered and honored through several activities of the Royal Society of Chemistry, among them this meeting, which has always been organized within the United Kingdom.


The meeting has always brought together chemists, chemical engineers and physicists interested in the fundamentals and application of catalysis, and heterogeneous catalysis in particular. The specific topic for the present conference has been chosen as:

" Designing new catalytic processes to address global challenges

The conference is organized in five orals and a poster session, each one with a specific topic:

1. Sustainable Catalytic Reaction Engineering
2. Designing new nanomaterials as effective catalysts
3. Computational methods for catalysts design
4. Integrated Chemo/Bio-Catalysis
5. In situ studies of catalysis

Both, speakers from academia and industry are being asked to contribute orally. This is by invitation only. However the conference is open and meant for young researchers and students who will find a unique platform to get firsthand information from world-renowned scientists on topics of prime importance in catalysis. The young researchers will present posters within a poster session.