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Prof. Asterios Gavriilidis

Asterios Gavriilidis photo

Asterios Gavriilidis is Prof of Chemical Reaction Engineering at UCL, which he joined in 1993. He has long standing expertise on catalytic reaction engineering, and his group has and developed a range of intensified reactors, such as coupled catalytic plate reactors, mesh reactors, rotating disk reactors, membrane reactors for applications in bulk chemicals as well as fine chemicals/pharmaceuticals. The reactors have been used to perform various types of reactions including catalytic oxidations, hydrogenations, epoxidations, ozonolysis etc. Since 2000 he has been working in microreaction technology and micro process engineering. This work takes advantage of unique properties of miniaturised devices and the dominance of different forces in microscale for process intensification and obtaining information under well-controlled conditions. In this context, his group has developed microreactors, microdistillation and microseparation devices that have been fabricated by lithographic processes. Recently, microreactors and millireactors are being developed for nanoparticle manufacturing. He has published over 170 papers and a book on Optimal catalyst distribution, in pellets, reactors and membranes. He is subject editor for Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Fellow of the IChemE, Chartered Engineer, Member of the Steering Group of the UK Catalysis Hub, and UK representative in the Working Party of Chemical Reaction Engineering of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers.