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Dr Laura Torrente

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Laura Torrente is a University Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, leading the Catalysis and Process Integration group. She is an EPSRC Fellow and a member of the EPSRC Engineering and Manufacturing Forums.

Her research interests includes:

  1. Reaction engineering: ranging from the development of 3D printed microdevices for the continuous production of metal nanoparticles with tuneable sizes to differential reactors for kinetic studies and membrane reactors.
  2. Development of nanostructured oxide materials as catalytic supports with a focus on the structure-property relationships and the metal-support interaction.
  3. Low temperature activation of molecules, specially methane and CO2 utilisation.
  4. Use of ammonia as a vector of sustainable hydrogen. Our activities range from the development of low temperature ammonia decomposition catalysts, integration within the existing PEM fuel cell technology and life cycle analysis.