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Prof Wolfgang Kroutil

Wolfgang Kroutil

Wolfgang Kroutil studied chemistry at the University of Technology in Graz (Austria) and conducted his PhD-research in with Prof. Kurt Faber in Graz at the University of Technology as well as in Exeter (6 months UK, S. M. Roberts).

After two years experience in industry at Novartis/CH and Krems Chemie Chemical Services he became assistant professor at the University of Graz, Austria. After his habilitation he became associate professor in 2004 and full professor in 2013 at the University of Graz.

He published more than 210 papers on biocatalysis and contributed to more than 20 patents concerning biocatalysis. In 2012 the Biocat award and in 2015 the Biotrans award.

His research focuses and biocatalytic redox reactions, C-C bond formation and cascades.