UK Catalysis Hub


Community Development for Early Career Researchers

UK Catalysis Hub Summer Conference ECR Networking Event

The UK Catalysis supports ECRs where our regular conference series has allowed interaction and liaison, especially for those new to the field or to the UK and where our funding streams have assisted some ECRs in developing their programmes. ECRs employed on Hub projects have been particularly successful with several moving in the last two years to permanent academic and industrial appointments.

•    Research associate next positions
-    12 PDRAS have lectureships and research positions
-    2 fellowships
-    1 beamline scientist
-    9 industrial positions 
-    1 teacher

A number students funded on other projects have been associated with the hub, over the past 3 years: 15 students including; 6 iCASE students have or are been based at Harwell as well as 3 MChem Placements. The students are hosted by a number of Institutions including Cardiff, Glasgow, UCL, Oxford, QUB and Southampton and spend time based at Harwell. Graduated doctoral students have gone on to become PDRAs, industrial scientists and teachers.

•    8 PHD (Harwell only) students completed so far
-    5 research associates
-    1 teacher
-    1 industrial
-    1 Research Fellow

The Hub has supported early career researchers from eight institutions to collaborate with Hub scientists through the affiliate researcher scheme. In addition it has housed a successful team of graduate students (currently thirteen, past six) who have responded well to the scientific environment of the Harwell campus.

Click on the links below to read more about ECR experiences at the UK Catalysis Hub:

Pip Hellier - Joint Diamond/UK Catalysis Hub studentship

Catherine Davies - Working on the environmental theme project: Soot Control

Cristina Stere - Working on the energy theme project: Probing the role of a non-thermal plasma (NTP) in the hybrid NTP-catalytic oxidation of CH4.

Ellie Dann - Working on the design theme project: Advances in Heterogeneous Catalyst Characterisation; combined XAFS/DRIFTS Spectroscopy

Changhui Chen - Working on the chemical transformations theme: Electrochemical characterisation and regeneration of sulfur poisoned Pt catalysts

Veronica Celorrio - Working on the energy theme: In-situ Probing Structure and Electronic Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Electrocatalysts

Scott Rogers - Working on the design theme: Tandem Site and Size Controlled Pd Nanoparticles for the Directed Hydrogenation of Furfural

Alex Grigoropoulos - Working on the chemical transformations theme: Encapsulation of an organometallic cationic catalyst by direct exchange into an anionic MOF

Hanan Messiha - Working on the biocatalysis theme: Bio-based production of monomers for polymer synthesis