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Visitor Program

Visitor Program

The UK Catalysis Hub is now up and running with all the exemplar projects running. To involve the wider community and strengthen collaborative cohesive catalysis research has created a visitor Program. The program is aimed to

  • Facilitate visiting lecturers and lecture tours
  • Allow visiting researchers (students and ECRs) to undertake collaborative research within the UK Catalysis Hub
  • Support research initiatives and international collaborations

Projects that can be funded as part of the visitor program should show clear mutual benefit for the Hub, the visitor and catalysis, which may include, collaboration on an existing catalysis hub project, collaboration to develop new projects or proposals, adding The UK Catalysis Hub (at Harwell or otherwise) to a Lecture Tour or contribute to seminars and lectures to enhance the catalysis understanding.

The UK Catalysis Hub welcomes visiting researchers to collaborate. Researchers who wish to visit the Hub (at one of the host universities or the Harwell campus) are especially welcome.  To strengthen ties with the catalysis community the UK Catalysis Hub has a Visitor Program which can fund travel and subsistence for visiting researchers for periods of up to 3 months

To apply for the visitor program, please submit up to a 2 page proposal of the scientific program and objectives. The proposal should include the length of the visit, reason for the chosen host, research program, and expected outcomes including publications.

Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Please note  the Visitor Program is currently closed due to the transition between Phase one and Phase two of the Hub

Please submit all proposal to the project coordinator : Josie Goodall Josie.goodal@rc-harwell.ac.uk for consideration by the management group