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UK Catalysis Hub Summer Conference 2017

Summer Conference 2017 Wisteria

The UK Catalysis hub runs a Biannual Conference for it members.

The conferences are intended as a forum for the presentation and discussion of Catalytic research. One aim of the UK Catalysis Hub is to develop the next generation of researchers.

On the 11th July 2017 the UK Catalysis Hub held a summer conference starting with a buffet lunch at Milton Hill House, Abingdon before an afternoon of talks.

There was a poster session and conference dinner at Milton Hill House, Abingdon and then a further schedule of talks on the morning of the 12th finishing with a buffet lunch.

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Exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition - Zoom for Improvement

Zoom for improvement stand

The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most cutting-edge science and technology in the UK. The week-long festival took place from the 4th - 9th July 2017 and featured 22 exhibits and a series of inspiring talks and fun activities for all ages.

This year Professor Andy Beale (UCL) and Dr Dave Willock (Cardiff) exhibited "Zoom for Improvement" which focuses on the use of X-ray imaging and electron microscopy to understand heterogeneous catalysts at the molecular scale. The stand highlighted how an understanding of catalysis leads to new materials, with a focus on the development of catalysts for the hydrogen economy and sustainable chemicals production. 

UK Catalysis Hub project article published in Science magazine

Reprinted with permission from AAAS.

The UK Catalysis Hub has collaborated on a project which resulted in an article published in Science on 31 March 2017.

The article's lead author is Grazia Malta of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University who was supervised by Professor Graham J. Hutchings. Many UK Catalysis Hub researchers and professors were involved.

Authors included: Grazia Malta, Simon A. Kondrat, Simon J. Freakley, Catherine J. Davies, Li Lu, Simon Dawson, Adam Thetford, Emma K. Gibson, David J. Morgan, Wilm Jones, Peter P. Wells, Peter Johnston, C. Richard A. Catlow, Christopher J. Kiely and Graham J. Hutchings, The article titled, “Identification of single-site gold catalysis in acetylene hydrochlorination” was published in Science, 2017, Vol 355, Issue 6332, Pages. 1399-1403, DOI: 10.1126/science.aal3439.

A link to the article can be found at http://science.sciencemag.org/content/355/6332/1399

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Catalysis sustaining society’s future

Royal Society Meeting 10th May room photo

A satellite meeting organised by Professor Graham Hutchings FRS, Professor Richard Catlow FRS and Professor Nicholas Turner took place on the 10th - 11th May 2017 at the Kavli Royal Society Centre.

The satellite meeting addressed modern developments in designing improved catalysts for environmental benefit by addressing four questions. (i) “How far can we tailor and control active sites?” (ii) “How generally applicable is the concept of single site catalysis” (iii) “Where can biocatalysts be usefully applied in the future” (iv) “Can precious metal catalysts really be replaced with earth abundant materials?”.

The meeting brought together scientists across the breadth of catalysis (heterogeneous, homogeneous and bio) bridging the expertise of chemists, engineers, bio-scientists and theoreticians.

Providing sustainable catalytic solutions for a rapidly changing world

Royal Society Meeting 8th May room photo

A scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor Graham Hutchings FRS, Professor Richard Catlow FRS and Professor Nicholas Turner was held at The Royal Society on the 8th - 9th of May 2017.

Scientists and engineers across the breadth of catalysis (heterogeneous, homogeneous and bio) bridging the disciplines of chemistry engineering and biology came together to discuss a number of issues. Discussions were centred around the challenges in providing sources of clean energy, water and sustainable resources for society today. Catalysis can provide solutions to these grand challenges and the meeting addressed how modern developments in catalysis can help meet these crucial targets.

Catalysis Hub Town Hall Meeting: Catalysis for a Circular Economy

A Town Hall meeting was held on the 24th April to discuss a potential new theme and proposal to the research councils for a new theme of the Catalysis Hub: Catalysis for a circular economy: sustainable manufacturing. The main aim of the meeting was to provide the data necessary to inform a new theme as the Hub evolves to continue to meet the current challenges in catalysis, and the UK. The agenda for the meeting included: current state of the catalysis research for sustainable manufacturing, an international perspective, an industrial perspective and group discussions.  The meeting promoted some good discussions and the feedback from the meeting will be taken into consideration for the new grant proposal and circulated to the attendees.

Richard Catlows 70th birthday768px

A meeting to mark Richard Catlow’s 70th birthday - Advances in computational and experimental studies of solids

A meeting was held from the 10th - 12th April to mark Richard’s 70th birthday. It was held at The Coseners, Abingdon and organised by Dr. Rob Jackson of Keele University.  There were a number of excellent talks from former group members and lots of lively discussion. The meeting included a dinner held on the 11th April. It was wonderful to have so many of Richard’s former group members together, as well as people he had worked with, including Sir John Meurig Thomas, Tony Cheetham and Brian Fender. Richard’s PhD supervisor, Alan Lidiard made a special appearance.

Workshop on Advanced Characterisation of Functional Materials

A workshop was held on the 4th April bringing together researchers and facility scientists to identify new methods of answering new questions in chemistry and materials science, with a particular focus on catalysis, using the advanced imaging facilities at the Octopus and Diamond facilities. Speakers included; Zoran Ristanović  (Universiteit Utrecht) and Charlotte Boott (University of Bristol). Discussions from the workshop will drive new ideas for renewing Catalysis Hub funding, to be themed around Advanced Characterisation of Materials. The workshop was organised by Prof. Andy Beale (UCL, UK Catalysis Hub), Nick Terrill (Diamond Light Source) and Stephen Webb (STFC, Central Laser Facility). Many thanks to the sponsors - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

New newsletter out now.

Spring Newsletter 2017 cov image 250px

Our new newsletter is out now with lots of new information about the UK Catalysis Hub projects, events and calls. You can read it online or download a copy.

Spring newsletter highlights:

We had a busy year in 2016 and there is lots coming up for spring 2017. Here are some of the topics we've covered in the newsletter:

  • Our highlights of 2016.
  • New opportunities at Diamond Light Source.
  • Highlights in scientific research 2016.

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“Modern developments in Catalysis” out now!

Modern Developments in Catalysis 250px

The UK Catalysis Hub has collaborated to publish a book titled, “Modern developments in Catalysis”. The book is a series of chapters reviewing on the present state of catalysis research. Chapters focus on the breadth of the field of catalysis including biocatalysis, homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis, operando and in situ techniques, modelling and theoretical studies including life cycle analysis. The book sets out to explain to a reader interested in chemistry, the cutting-edge topics in the important field of catalysis. Click here for more details and where to find it.

UK Catalysis Conference  (UKCC) 2017

The third UK Catalysis Conference  took place at Holywell Park, Loughborough over 4th - 6th January 2017. The meeting provided an opportunity for catalytic scientists and engineers from across the UK’s academic and industrial communities to interact and network over the whole spectrum of Catalysis ranging from Organocatalysis, Biocatalysis, Homogenous catalysis and Heterogeneous catalysis. There were many interesting talks and lectures followed by a celebratory dinner. Speakers included; Prof. Andy Beale (University College London), Prof. Charlotte Williams (University of Oxford), Prof. Sylvia Sabo-Etienne (LCC, Toulouse, France) and Prof. Petra E. de Jongh (Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science - Utrecht University).

JMT Medal

JMT Medal Winner Ulrich Hintermair

The  UK Catalysis Hub were thrilled to name Dr Uli Hintermair from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, University of Bath as person of outstanding achievement in catalysis for multidisciplinary contributions to the development and applications of catalysts for sustainable chemistry at the UK Catalysis Hub Winter Conference on the 6th of December. Dr Uli Hintemair was selected from the nominations for top early career scientists working in the United Kingdom to win the Sir John Meurig Thomas Catalysis Medal for 2016.

" Professor C. Richard A. Catlow, FRS catalyst by design theme leader said,Uli has a very rounded and wide-ranging skill sets within the field of catalysis, he is equally comfortable as a process engineer, as an organometallic chemist and as a physical organic chemist. This is reflected in the breadth of his achievements in working on very fundamental mechanistic problems through to the commercial application of catalysts through a spin off company of which he is Chief Scientific Advisor.”

“His three most significant achievements to date are:

(i) His discovery of Ir-based water-splitting catalysts with Bob Crabtree. These are the best catalysts out there for water oxidation and he has taken this work from molecular organometallic species through to supported catalysts with extremely low loading that are commercially viable in a number of sectors.

(ii) His development of supercritical CO2 flow systems with Walter Leitner that led to new patented processes for sustainable manufacture of formic acid from CO2

(iii) His development of flow NMR spectroscopy for in operando mechanistic study of solution and gas phase catalysis which has led to close collaboration with Bruker and is now underpinned by a £1.2M project to develop a new and reaction monitoring facility at Bath.

This was the inaugural year for the new medal. Dr Uli Hintermair delivered a lecture on catalysts to the UK Catalysis Hub Winter conference attended by over 150 people. Speakers for the Catalysis Hub Winter conference included members of the Catalysis Hub and wider international catalysis community. The JMT medal was generously sponsored by BP, JM, Dow, Dr Reddys, Invista, Givaudan and Sasol.

For more details and how to nominate someone please go to the JMT Medal Page 

UK Catalysis Hub Winter Conference 2016 Pickavance Theatre

Winter Conference 

The UK catalysis Hub held its annual Winter Conference at the Harwell Campus on the 6th and 7th December.

Speakers included researchers from the Catalysis Hub and internationally renowned speakers and industrialists covering a range of topics in catalysis. There was a flash presentation session showcasing the range of projects across the Hub which provided lively catalysis discussion and dissemination.

The conference was followed by a half day of 'breakout' theme meetings for academics and postdocs directly involved with hub projects to discuss projects and progress with the PIS, CoIs and PDRAS of each theme.

Earth Abundant Metals Conference 

Following the Winter Conference on the 8th December the Catalysis Hub hosted a Conference discussing Earth abundant Metals as Catalysts.  This meeting was Organised by Robin Bedford (Bristol) is association with the Catalysis Hub.