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Catalysis for Energy

Led by Professor Christopher Hardacre

With decreasing reserves of oil resources, there is a growing need to find a range of alternative energy sources over both short and longer timescales. Moreover, these new energy sources will need to be sustainable and have no or minimal impact on the environment. This field poses substantial scientific and technological challenges in the development of areas such as catalytic reduction of CO2, catalytic biodiesel production and catalytic water-spitting, which will require state of the art tools for catalysts preparation, characterisation, structure/activity/selectivity relations and mechanistic investigations, especially using the facilities at Diamond and ISIS.

Current Projects 

The catalysis for energy theme aims to use fundamental science & engineering to develop innovative & practical solutions for current and future energy needs

there are currently five projects running as part of the energy theme including one project co funded with the design theme There is one Project still running from the initial projects 

A Multifunctional Flow Platform For Enhanced Biobutanol Production
Chemical looping: the use of an oxidation state operating window for selectivity improvement
Non-Thermal Plasma Promotion of Low Temperature Water Gas Shift Catalysts
In-situ Probing Structure and Electronic Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Electrocatalysts
Reaction Pathways in Alcohol to Hydrocarbon Conversion: a Multi-technique Approach. 
Fuel Cells beyond methanol and ethanol – 3rd generation direct fuel cells using oxygenates as fuels.

Projects 2017

Understanding the components required for low temperature methane oxidation catalysts
Nature-Inspired Hybrid “Heterogeneous Catalytic, Photocatalytic and Biocatalytic” Approach for CO2 Utilisation
Scaleable Production of High Purity Hydrogen using a Hybrid Non-Thermal Plasma-Catalytic Process
Photoelectrocatalytic direct alcohol fuel cells
Solar-driven Water-splitting (reverse) gas Fuel Cell (SWFC)
Reaction-Separation Engineering for the Production of Bio-based Chemicals

the initial  Projects focused on 

 i) Gas to liquid transformation, 

ii)Synthesis and utilisation of biofuels,

 iii) Process integration and intensification for efficient energy usage and storage, and 

iv) Photocatalytic water splitting. 

more information in the initial energy projects can be found here  

Initial Energy Projects