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Environmental Catalysis

Led by Professor Graham Hutchings, Cardiff University

To protect the environment from the effects of atmospheric pollutants produced by industry and transportation, we need strategies for both cutting emissions at source by improving efficiency, and for intercepting emissions before they are released, using after treatment. Both strategies require the development of highly selective and durable catalysts. We will design catalytic structures, based on nano-scale characterisation and on a detailed understanding of the mechanistic steps in the surface reactions.

Current projects include The Environmental Catalysis theme aims to use catalysis to make the world a better place. The theme will combine heterogeneous, homogeneous and bio catalysis together with experimental and theoretical approaches to attack key problems  

There are currently eight projects running as part of the environment theme

Current Projects

Water treatment – combined hydrocarbon and nitrate removal 
Particulate destruction - Soot 
Direct fixation of CO2 
Green Catalysts for Green Reactions
Autonomous Repair

Projects 2017

Water treatment – combined hydrocarbon and nitrate removal: a continuing investigation
Particulate destruction Combined with SCR for Simultaneous Soot and NOx Control - Continued
Direct DME synthesis from CO2/H2in a sustainable manner
Optical tweezers for interrogation of catalysis
Microwave assisted catalysis

Initial Projects  

Initial projects included key problems including 

i) Improved atom efficiency – eradicating waste.

 ii) Environmental cleanup – dealing with waste.

 iii) New green applications – catalysis in new domains. And 

iv) Use of bio-renewable resources – CO2

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Initial Environmental projects