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Chemical Transformations

Led by Professor Matthew Davidson,  University of Bath

The development of new sustainable catalyst technologies for organic transformations and their successful implementation across the chemicals sector is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring the future prosperity of a key component of the UK’s manufacturing base. Organic transformations are central to the manufacture of bulk and fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and polymers; and it is essential that new fundamental research be initiated so that the UK maintains a strong internationally competitive position.

The Chemical Transformations theme aims to promote the prosperity of the UK manufacturing base in fine and bulk chemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals

There are four new chemical Transformations projects  projects currently running replacing the initial exemplary projects. There are also two core Initial Projects that are still running in this theme.  More details of the projects can be found below  

Current Projects 

Catalysis in Confined Environments: Well–Defined TM–Catalysts@MOF
Comparing Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts For Selective Polymerisations
Ionic Liquid-Metal Oxide Composite Catalysts for Beckmann Rearrangement
A Collaborative Mechanistic Approach to Paramagnetic Iron Catalysis.
Activation and Reaction of sp3 Centres
Biocatalysis for High Value Transformations that Chemical Catalysis Struggles To Perform
Metal-Organic and Organocatalytic Methods for Stereocontrolled Activated Monomer Catalysis

Projects 2017

A Multi-tool Approach to Unravel the Modus Operandi of Olefin OligomerisationCatalysts
CarboCat: Ligand Design for Enhanced Proton Transfer in Homogeneous Alkene and Alkyne Alkoxycarbonylation – Understanding and Application
Biocatalysis for High Value Transformations that Chemical Catalysis Struggles to Perform
Frustrated Lewis Pairs for Metal-Free Catalysis of Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Processes
Hydrogenation of Organic Compounds: Electrochemical Intervention to Optimized Catalysts

Initial Projects 

Initial projects were focused on

 i)Enhancing selectivity and sustainability of existing processes, 

ii) Pharmaceutical process chemistry; synthesis gas conversion; renewable polymers, iii) New catalytic approaches to transformations including Catalysis in confined environments; transition metal free catalysis; biocatalysis for new chemical transformations and 

iv) Combination of biocatalysis, homogeneous and heterogeneous, organo- and metal-based catalysis

Information on the initially projects can be found by clinking on the link 

Initial Exemplary Projects