UK Catalysis Hub


Grant Information

Grants associated with the catalysis Hub

  • EP/I019693/1 - Catalytic Science in the Harwell Research Centre, 
  • EP/K014714/1 - The UK Catalysis Hub, Design theme 
  • EP/K014854/1 -The UK Catalysis Hub, Environment theme
  • EP/K014668/1 - The UK Catalysis Hub, Chemical Transformations theme
  • EP/K014706/1 - The UK Catalysis Hub, Energy theme
  • EP/M013219/1 - The UK Catalysis Hub, Biocatalysis Theme 
  • EP/K005030/1 – Strategic equipment award, 
  • EP/K014323/1 - Technical support 
  • EP/K035355/1 - Bio-inspired sulfide nanocatalysts: From proof of concept to 'real' catalysis, 
  • EP/K007467/1 - Towards a deeper understanding of catalytic activity in supported precious metal catalysts,
  • EP/I038748/1 - The significance of the oxidation state of gold in heterogeneous catalysis
  • EP/M010538/1 - EPSRC Impact Acceleration Fellowships at RCaH