UK Catalysis Hub


Management Group

The Management Group will be chaired by the Centre Director and include the leaders of the 4 technical themes together with the Project Coordinator. The Centre Director will convene a meeting of the Management Group and it is anticipated that meetings will initially take place weekly and then monthly via telephone conference. There will also be more formal face-to-face meetings every 6 months

The Management Group will be the main forum for discussing the technical progress of each individual research project and encouraging cross fertilisation across the various themes. The Management Group will be responsible for allocating resources and making key decisions in regards the overall project. Decisions will be based on a majority vote with the Centre Director having the casting vote.

The Management group will also invite academics from Partner Institutions and industry collaborators to attend the meeting and discuss the technical progress of individual projects. Invited participants will be able to raise issues and advise the Theme Leaders but will not participate in any voting.

Key Roles:

  • Allocate resources
  • Review individual Project and if necessary re-allocate resource
  • Provide an open forum for discussing technical ideas

Current Membership

Graham Hutchings (Chair and Centre Director, Theme Leader)

Richard Catlow (Theme Leader)

Chris Hardacre (Theme Leader)

Matt Davidson (Theme Leader)

Nick Turner (Theme Leader)

Josie Goodall (Project Coordinator)