UK Catalysis Hub


Criteria for Proposals


Projects must be collaborative, multi institution and multidisciplinary. The aim of Hub projects is to utilise collaborative teams to tackle major problems- 

Proposals projects should include A brief scientific case (2 page description) addressing the following criteria:

1. Scientific quality:

Information about the aims and objectives and scientific challenge of the project.

If the project is a continuation from an existing Hub project,  it is critical to address the results so far and why further hub funding is required. 

2. Programme dimension:

Addressing the impact of the project on the other areas of catalysis as represented by the 4 themes and/or 3 catalysis areas (homo, hetero, bio). The 4 themes are broad but topics outside of the themes can be considered.

3. Collaboration: 

Explain how the collaboration will work and who will participate. All hub projects must be collaborative, multi institution and multidisciplinary.

4. Why, what and where: 

Why funding from the Hub is required and appropriate (this is a key point). In addition what is the required resource (normal expectation is one PDRA for 12-24 months) as well as what resource will be provided by the project team. Also, where appropriate, the project should indicate how it will make use of the Hub and the Harwell Campus Facilities. Where will the PDRA be located.

5. Success criteria: 

Asking the proposers to describe the criteria against which the project should be judged by, e.g. publications, patent applications, industrial collaborations begun, outreach activities. Key will be how the project will be taken forward in the light of success.


Please follow EPSRC guidelines on formatting for your proposals: The minimum font size is 11, and margins must be at least 2cm in all directions. Only Arial or Helvetica font styles may be used, and text should be justified left.

Letters of support

Industrial interaction and support is encouraged. If relevant, industrial letters of support may be appended to the proposals to demonstrate impact or industrial interaction.

Criteria for the prioritization panel.

The Steering Group (SG), as one of its functions, will act as a prioritization panel as to how potential Hub projects fit the criteria listed below. The SG will not act a peer review committee.

A prioritized list will be used by the Management Group to assign Hub resources.