UK Catalysis Hub



EPSRC financial support permits the UK Catalysis Hub to recruit 30 years of PDRA per theme over its five year duration  (2013-2018). 

The hub is organised into four interacting themes:

(i) Catalyst Design - No call available at present

(ii) Energy - No call available at present

(iii) Chemical Transformations - No call available at present

(iv) Environmental - No call available at present

(v) Biocatalysis and Biotransformations - No call available at present

Each theme is responsible for 30 man years of PDRA resource.

PDRAs are either designated as core or non core posts and the arrangements for the finances of these posts and their recruitment are contained in this document.

Core PDRAs will be appointed to 5 year contracts and will be appointed to one of the themes by the budget holder. While the main duties of these core PDRAs will be at the host University (i.e. one of UCL, QUB, Bath and Cardiff) these staff will be available for secondment to other Universities within the overall UK Catalysis Hub.

Please note:

Prior to any new Project starting including transfer of funds the University has to sign the Accession to the UK Catalysis Hub Collaboration agreement. This is a non-negotiable option as this collaboration agreement has been agreed by the five theme Universities and it was stated at the outset of the UK Catalysis Hub that any University wishing to benefit from resources and involvement in the UK Catalysis Hub would be required to sign this agreement. In addition, a representative of the budget holding university must be included as a full member of the recruitment committee to ensure that the appointees realise that they are appointed to a UK Catalysis Hub position and what this entails. Again these non-core PDRAs are also available for secondment to other Universities within the overall UK Catalysis Hub.

Please Note

All institutions must sign the accession agreement (to the collaboration agreement) as is with no amendments for the projects to go ahead.

When the call is open please contact Josie Goodall (Josie.goodall@rc-harwell.ac.uk) for a copy of these agreements. 

If your institution has not yet signed one of these agreements please contact your contracts departments to discuss them before submitting a proposal. Please also discuss the financial models with your finance department.