UK Catalysis Hub


Secondment and appointment of Research associates

 Each theme has both Core and non-core Components.  The Core components would be the costs which will be spent in the host institution whilst the non-core components may be spent elsewhere. 2. UK Catalysis Hub policies allow staff to be seconded for up to 12 months as long as accession agreement in place.  This is covered by standard policy. We will ask the University to which the PDRA is to be seconded to sign the accession agreement. This will be a take it or leave it option. 3. For secondments less than 6 month there would be no transfer of overhead costs from Core to the host institution.  They would remain Core employees and the costs would be claimed as a Core research award.  They could claim consumables through Cardiff and have them delivered to their seconded institution.  This is very straightforward but please note that the host institution gets nothing financially.  Any REF outputs would be claimed by Cardiff as well as the host institution if they are an identified collaborator. 4.the  secondment policy allows secondments of up to 12 months (0ver 6 months) However, under EPSRC rules we would need to transfer the Core Estates components of the overhead to the host institution.   5. Secondment for more than 12 months might be possible but would need to be agreed on a case by case basis.

Summary Table

Secondment Finance Employer Seconded Institution Policy
<6 Month Salary, consumables and all overhead claimed as Core award core/ non core  No Financial Award Core Secondment Policy
6-12 month Same as above, but the estates component would be transferred to host institution and the Core award figure reduced accordingly core/ non core  Core Estates costs would be claimed as a research award by the host institution. Core Secondment Policy
>12 month Same as above Core As above Core Secondment Policy – case by case basis