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Dr Pawel Plucinski

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Dr Pawel Plucinski (MSc (Chem Eng), PhD (Chem Eng), DrSc (Chem)) studied for an MSc in Chemical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, and a PhD at the same university. He moved to the Technical University of Munich in 1986, where he habilitated in 1993. He has worked at Bath since 1998.

His main area of the research is the kinetics of reactions in heterogeneous (liquid/liquid, gas/liquid and gas/liquid/solid) systems. This includes catalysis (homogeneous and heterogeneous) and separation (extraction of metals and biomolecules), application of compartmentalised structures (micelles, microemulsions, and soft interfaces) for reactions and separations, and catalytic processes using compact multichannel reactors.