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One-day Symposium

Successful Scale-up of Catalytic Processes

When: 9 November 2017, 10am - 4pm

Where: JM Technology Centre, Stockton-on-Tees

The aim of this symposium is to examine the issues that need to be considered when scaling-up catalytic processes from the discovery phase, through piloting, up to commercial scale implementation.  It will seek to cover heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis, whilst considering a variety of aspects such as kinetics, reactor choice and design, catalyst and process feasibility, supply issues, SHE factors, and economics.

Registration includes lunch, poster session and optional JM facility tour (please note: the tour is limited to academics only, and on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 30 attendees).

Five student bursaries available to cover travel and registration, on a first come first served basis to RSC student members - please e-mail the organisers  to apply.

Students are encouraged to present posters and there will be three poster prizes available courtesy of the RSC journal Reaction Chemistry and Engineering.

Early Registration: Sep 01 2017
Standard Registration: Oct 31 2017

For more information visit the event page at: www.rsc.org/events/detail/27127/successful-scale-up-of-catalytic-processes.


Save the Date for the UK Catalysis Hub Winter Conference 2017

When: 14-15th December 2017

Where: Harwell Campus

On the 14th and 15th of December 2017 the UK Catalysis Hub Will host its annual winter conference and network meeting. The Conference will take place on the Harwell Campus.

The conference will start at lunchtime on the 14th and the main conference will conclude at lunch on the 15th. There will be a dinner on the evening of the 14th of December.

Speakers for the Catalysis Hub Winter conference include members of the Catalysis Hub and wider international catalysis community. The event will include flash presentations from the Hub postdocs and a Dinner in the local town of Abingdon. The Conference will also include the presentation of the JMT medal for Catalysis.

Click here for more information on the winter conference event page.

UK Catalysis Conference 2018 (UKCC)

When: 3-5th January 2018

Where: Holywell Park, Loughborough, Leicestshire

The fourth UK Catalysis Conference (UKCC) which will take place at Holywell Park, Loughborough over 3rd to 5th January 2018. The meeting will provide an opportunity for catalytic scientists and engineers from across the UK’s academic and industrial communities to interact and network over the whole spectrum of Catalysis ranging from Organocatalysis, Biocatalysis, Homogenous catalysis and Heterogeneous catalysis.

The scientific programme will be organised around the following all aspects of catalysis: Organo/Biocatalysis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Homogeneous Catalysis and Engineering. In addition, two themed symposiums will also be organised entitled "Polymerisation Catalysis" and "Dial-a-Molecule: Catalytically".

Abstract submission and registration is now open!  Click below for more information and to register.


Save the date! The Rideal Conference

"Designing new catalytic processes to address global challenges"

When: 26 - 28 March 2018

Where: Abingdon, Oxfordshire

The Rideal Conference 2018 will be held in Harwell, Oxfordshire next year with the theme of "Designing new catalytic processes to address global challenges." The meeting will be invite only and spaces are limited to 80 places. It brings together invited chemists, chemical engineers and physicists interested in the fundamentals and application of catalysis, and heterogeneous catalysis in particular.

One of the aims of the meeting is to allow young researchers and students a unique platform to get firsthand information from world-renowned scientists on topics of prime importance in catalysis. The young researchers will present posters within a poster session.

The conference will be held at The Cosener’s House, Abingdon, Oxfordshire from Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th March 2018. The conference is organized in five orals and a poster session, each one with a specific topic:

  1. Sustainable Catalytic Reaction Engineering
  2. Designing new nanomaterials as effective catalysts
  3. Computational methods for catalysts design
  4. Integrated Chemo/Bio-Catalysis
  5. In situ studies of catalysis

If you would like to attend but missed out on an invitation, please contact j.goodall@ucl.ac.uk

For further details please visit


Faraday Discussion Designing Nanoparticle Systems for Catalysis

When: 16-18th May 2018

Where: London

Heterogeneous catalysis is a core area of contemporary physical chemistry posing major fundamental and conceptual challenges, and nanoparticles are pivotal components of many successful heterogeneous catalysts. For example, commercial Fischer Tropsch catalysts require supported cobalt nanoparticles that are 6 nm in diameter for optimal performance. Nanoparticles are ubiquitous in many heterogeneous catalysts and it is now opportune to focus a Faraday Discussion concerning key aspects of their synthesis characterisation and use.

This Faraday Discussion will explore the modern methods being used to design, synthesise and characterize nanoparticles and how these bridge across the disciplines of physical science and chemical engineering. The core aim of this discussion meeting is to develop a fundamental understanding of these crucial aspects of catalytic science, especially relating to nanoparticle synthesis and its use in catalytic reactions, knowledge of which is essential for the design of new catalysts. This topic touches a myriad of aspects in the broad spectrum of catalysis research.

Faraday Discussions have a special format where research papers written by the speakers are distributed to all participants before the meeting, and most of the meeting is devoted to discussing the papers. Everyone contributes to the discussion - including presenting their own relevant research. The research papers and a record of the discussion are published in the journal Faraday Discussions.

Abstract submission and registration is now open!  Click below for more information and to register.


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